Traitor's Ruin GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone! The Traitor's Ruin has been out in the world for a couple weeks, and I've got some signed copies to give out! Quick rules of the contest: EDITED TO ADD: International entrants especially may use a photo of The Traitor's Kiss in any language, as the second book is very difficult to find outside the US yet. (ALSO, Fan Art can be entered, because I love Fan Art.) -No purchase necessary to win. -Open to US and International. Ten (10) winners will be drawn from the US and one (1) from outside the US (11 total). The international winner is open to every level. -Five (5) winners will receive a signed/personalized hardcover copy of The Traitor's Ruin (English). -Three (3) winners will r

Thoughts on Fan Fiction

This morning I woke up to this question on my GoodReads page from a reader named Sarah: I was perusing fanfic websites (as I do in my free time) and I can't remember for sure which one it was (it was like 1 am but I think it might have been Archive of our Own) but I realized that your book/trilogy is one of the fandoms listen in literature (I haven't ventured further in but I wasn't sure if you already knew) also, (on this topic) what are your thoughts about fanfic? Is it cool to see others ideas? I started to type up an answer, and it got so long I decided this would be an excellent thing to blog about. Here goes: Wow. What a thing to find out is happening. I love fan fiction on so many lev

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