The Traitor's Kiss is in Brazil!

Actually, it's been out for a full month now! My Brazilian publisher Editora Seguinte made O Beijo Traiçoeiro one of their lead releases at the Book Festival in Rio called Bienal in September. The reviews I've seen have been so much fun to read. The cover is pretty neat-o, too, with some very eye-catching colors. I don't have my copy yet, unfortunately. More countries/translations will be added in the next year, but Brazil will always be first in my heart!

The Agony and the Ecstasy

You are definitely forgiven if you think I fell down a hole int he last few months. The Traitor's Kiss was released, I went on the Fierce Reads Tour (so amazing), I had launch parties... I also moved my family halfway across the country. That simple statement belies the effort and stress involved. Just know that I was very, very busy, not just with said move, but with revisions. (Oh, and kittens. We adopted 2.) I'll just say it: Book 2 was a hot mess when I turned in the first draft to my publisher. It needed so much work it wasn't funny. My only consolation was that seems to have been the general experience for authors on a second book, sequel or not. So I'm in good company. Revisions were

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