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Traitor's Ruin GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone! The Traitor's Ruin has been out in the world for a couple weeks, and I've got some signed copies to give out!

Quick rules of the contest:

EDITED TO ADD: International entrants especially may use a photo of The Traitor's Kiss in any language, as the second book is very difficult to find outside the US yet. (ALSO, Fan Art can be entered, because I love Fan Art.)

-No purchase necessary to win.

-Open to US and International. Ten (10) winners will be drawn from the US and one (1) from outside the US (11 total). The international winner is open to every level.

-Five (5) winners will receive a signed/personalized hardcover copy of The Traitor's Ruin (English).

-Three (3) winners will receive a handmade bookmark with colors and charms to match the cover of the book.

-Two (2) winners will receive a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle of the cover of The Traitor's Kiss.

-One (1) winner will receive ALL the above prizes!


-Maximum 7 entries per person.

-Post a photo of you (face not necessary, but highly encouraged) and a copy of The Traitor's Ruin out in the world on Twitter or Instagram (both earns 2 entries) USING THE HASHTAG:

And say why you are excited or tell me something you love about the series.

This tag is how I will find it and count it for entry.

-Tag a friend you think would be interested for an extra entry, maximum two (2) per Twitter or Instagram post, or one (1) in each Twitter and Instagram post for a maximum of four (4) entries by tagging.

-Additional entries may be earned by retweeting (1), and also following me on Twitter (1), and Instagram (1).

-Following entries will be added when a hashtag entry has been made. Following does not automatically create an entry, you must also do a hashtag post.

-Maximum seven (7) entries.

(Got that? To get all 7, post a picture on both using the hashtag for 2, follow me on Twitter and Instagram for another automatic 2, retweet one of my giveaway tweets for 1, tag two friends in your hashtag post for another 2.)

-The book need not be purchased. You can use a copy from the library or in a bookstore. Please also say where you are if so!

-E-book copies and ARCs are eligible to be photographed.

-The same photo may be used for your Twitter and Instagram entries.

-Only the first original photo posted on each site will count as an entry (so you can't repost someone else's photo as your entry).

-Entries will be accepted until midnight AUGUST 10th, 2018. Any photos posted after the cutoff are appreciated, but will not count.

-Posts that contain profanity, nudity, or comments that can be construed as racist, sexist, bigoted, ableist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise rude and/or objectionable will not count as entries and will bar the poster from all future contests. Author (Erin Beaty) reserves the right to make the final judgment. Play nice.

Extra Rule Stuff:

» Contest is open internationally to contestants 13+ » By entering, you confirm that you are 13 or older, and giving the contest admin (Erin Beaty) permission to contact you via email and mail your prize(s) to the address provided. No information provided to the contest admin will be used for any purposes outside remitting this contest's prizes.

» Winners of any previous contests created by Erin Beaty are eligible to enter. If a prize won is identical to a previous winning, contest admin will contact the winner and may arrange an alternate prize of equal or greater value.

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