Publisher's Weekly Sneak Peek

So I've made it into Publisher's Weekly Sneak Peek for Fall next year. They may have misspelled my name, but I don't care.

Talko Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I once ran a half marathon where toward the end, the course ran under the highway. Right before you went into the underpass, you saw the high school where everything ended. It was right there. Just on the other side of the highway. You could hear the music. You could hear the cheers. It was so close you could taste it. But when you came out of the tunnel, the path didn't go up and right, it went down and left. That's when I realized the last mile marker had been 11, which meant 2 miles to go. So I plunged into the woods, trying to ignore the sense that I was losing elevation in addition to going the wrong way. That feeling melted away, however, when the path finally turned back and I saw the

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