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PRE-ORDER Incentive for The Traitor's Kingdom!

Hello my lovely readers! I promised you a preorder incentive with swag, and here it is.

There are some things I need to point out, though many of them are on the form itself:

-Proof of purchase is not required for US addresses. I will trust your honesty.

-Proof of purchase is required for addresses outside the US (they are expensive to send) or if you have ordered multiple copies of The Traitor's Kingdom or if you fill out the form after the book is released. This is a PRE-ORDER thing, which helps authors a lot and is my way of thanking you for those.

I ask for your patience in receiving your swag. I'm in the middle of moving two kids to college and the rest of the family to Asia plus working on other projects, so there may be some delay in my ability to send this stuff.

I reserve the right to refuse to send swag to persons I know to be abusive to me or other authors personally in social media and review forums or that I have reason to believe are not being truthful about having pre-ordered the book. I also reserve the right to close down the form once I feel I've gotten everyone. That won't happen till probably August at least, so I can leave room for some stragglers outside the US.

All that out of the way, here's what you will get:

Forgive the Plain Jane photograph. I'm super busy and not very artistic.

***Three double-sided bookmarks, one for each book (aren't they pretty?) and

***A signed bookplate sticker for each book in the trilogy!

To get these, fill out this GOOGLE FORM. I promise to keep all your information secret and only contact you for clarification purposes.


For SPANISH readers: I am not aware of any current publication plan for The Traitor's Ruin or The Traitor's Kingdom in Spanish. To get the swag, you must pre-order an English copy. Sorry about that, but I have something special for you lovelies: I will give away 5 signed Advanced Reader Copies of The Traitor's Ruin (in English) to addresses in Spanish-speaking countries. You may enter for this without any pre-orders. The deadline for this drawing is JULY 12, 2019.

For RUSSIAN readers: I'm not sure what the status is of the second and third books is right now, but if The Traitor's Ruin is available for pre-order in Russia, then that will count and you are eligible for the whole swag package.

Lastly, thank you for all your love and support!

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