How would you like to have this baby under your tree? It's a crazy week, but I wanted to give my lovely fans the opportunity to win a copy of THE TRAITOR'S KINGDOM before Christmas. This will close out late on December 21st in order for there to be a chance that it will be delivered on December 24th. I will send it in a priority envelope early on Saturday the 22nd, which theoretically will only take two days to get anywhere in the US. This is US only, but there will be another giveaway (or two), I promise! Enter via Rafflecopter below!

Write Like the Prose: Naming Characters

One of the coolest things about writing fantasy is that you get to create names for your characters and locations completely out of the blue. One of the worst things about writing fantasy is that you must create names for characters and locations completely out of the blue. Contemporary writers have this problem, too, as they try to name their own characters, even if they have a ready list of normal names in their chosen environment. I think we all have certain phonemes (unit of sound) we gravitate towards. Until I started writing, I had no idea how much I liked names that began with a hard C and/or ended with an AR sound. Clare. Huzar. Kimisar(a). Casseck. Crescera. Cambria. Casmun. Concord

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