Change of Plans

Hi all! I wanted to post a quick update because the release date of THE TRAITOR'S RUIN has been changed to July 10th, 2018. I was going to be May, so that might make you sad that you have to wait two more months, but this is to better coordinate with the release of The Traitor's Kiss in paperback, so it's actually a good thing! Cheers!

The Traitor's Kiss is 6 Months Old!

Hi everyone! Today is an awesome day for me in several ways. First, The Traitor's Kiss has been on bookshelves for six months! Second, that means that the sequel, THE TRAITOR'S RUIN, is now less than six months from sitting next to it! How cool is that? Also, the Advanced Reader Copies of THE TRAITOR'S RUIN are being printed as you read this. It's been a long journey, but now the fun part, where I put my heart and soul out for others to judge, is just about to start. Yes, I'm working on the next book. In the meantime, let's party! Below is the rafflecopter to enter for a signed copy of The Traitor's Kiss and any swag I want to tuck in. If you already have a copy, you are free to give it to a

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