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Win a Kindle Fire + 24 Books and $50

Hi everyone!

Das Book is in the wild and the last few weeks have been crazy, not just because of release and tour stuff, but because my family has relocated. We're still unpacking, so that makes finding computer time difficult. That means I'm going to be lazy about this contest.

I'm one of the authors participating in this, and rather than set it up to enter from here (because I am technically disinclined and don't have the time to make sure it works 100%), I'm sending you to THIS LINK.

You know you want in in this.

You know you want in on this.

In order to enter, you have to put in your email, and that will sign you up for the email newsletters of all these authors. Yes, you can unsubscribe later, but I know you want to support us, right? Plus, my newsletter will be one you will get!

Does that mean I have a newsletter?

Not yet, technically. But this will make sure you get the first one when I finally get around to setting one up. It's a priority.

After unpacking.

After revising Book 2.

Good Luck!


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