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FINALLY! The Pre-Order Giveaway!

As of writing this, there are 18 days until THE TRAITOR'S KISS is on bookshelves! If you intend to put it on your own bookshelf, I would love to show my appreciation for your support, so....


There are lots of goodies, starting with:

Swag Packs:

This includes a signed postcard, a signed bookmark, a cool decal tattoo, and a signed bookplate!

Next there will be handmade bookmarks for 5 random entries:

They nestle nicely in the book and have pretty things as a reminder of what's waiting for you when you open it again.

Then we have 3 500 piece jigsaw puzzles of the cover, again chosen randomly from entries:

Because I love puzzles.

And 1 lucky entry will receive a signed copy of The Traitor's Kiss WITH AUTHOR NOTES!

And I'll throw in a bookmark.

I will make notes throughout talking about my favorite moments, lines, and places where characters surprised me. If you have a favorite scene or questions you want answered, I will add a little more about those, too!

All entries will receive a swag pack. To receive the handmade bookmarks, the puzzles, or the annotated book, you must pre-order The Traitor's Kiss or purchase the book within three days of it's release. No entries will be accepted after 11:59 PM on May 12th.

Before you toss your hat in the ring and duck out,

I want to say thank you for your support in bringing The Traitor's Kiss to the world. There's no way I could write books unless there were people to read them. As a debut author, this whole process has been mind-blowing, and I am so lucky to have achieved this level of support and success before publication. If you are in one of the cities on the Fierce Reads Tour, please come and see me so I can give you a totally platonic bear hug. You're awesome. I mean that.

My computer updates have messed with the ability of the form widget, so follow

(Sorry for that mess.)

Now, for the rules and stuff:

» Contest is open internationally to contestants 13+ » By entering, you confirm that you are 13 or older, and giving the contest admin (Erin Beaty) permission to contact you via email and mail your prize(s) to the address provided. No information provided to the contest admin will be used for any purposes outside remitting this contest's prizes.

» Winners of any previous contests created by Erin Beaty are eligible to enter. If a prize won is identical to a previous winning, contest admin will contact the winner and may arrange an alternate prize of equal or greater value.

» For every valid entry, while supplies last, the contestant will be mailed a swag pack consisting of one (1) signed Traitor's Kiss bookmark, one (1) signed bookplate, one (1) Traitor's Kiss postcard, and one (1) decal tattoo. Purchase is not required to receive a swag pack, and they will be issued in accordance with the order entries are received.

» Five (5) first-tier winners will be drawn from all valid entries on or after 5/13/17 and will receive one (1) handmade string bookmark with roses with dagger and silver leaf charms (measures roughly 15 in. in length)

» Three (3) second-tier winners will be drawn from all valid entries on or after 5/13/17 and will receive one (1) jigsaw puzzle of approximately 500 pieces in the image of the cover art of The Traitor's Kiss and a quote from the book (measures 16 x 20 in. when completed). » One (1) grand prize winner will be drawn from all valid entries on or after 5/13/17 and will receive one (1) signed copy of The Traitor's Kiss with author notes handwritten within and one (1) handmade bookmark with roses with dagger and silver leaf charms (measures roughly 15 in. in length). » The first and second tier winners and the grand-prize winner must provide proof of purchase (email a scan or photo of receipt) before additional prize is mailed.

» Any North American edition of The Traitor's Kiss (hardcover ISBN 978-1250117946 or e-book ISBN 1250117941 or audio CD IBSN 978-1524782672) purchased by 11:59PM ET on 5/12/17 qualifies as a single entry. One entry per person per book.

And again, THANK YOU!

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