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First Prizes Giveaway!

Sorry this took forever, but today starts my first countdown giveaway!

Here's what you can win this time:

One of 10 Swag Packs with postcards, bookmarks, and temporary tattoos. (I will sign the postcards and bookmarks, too)

One of 5 Handmade Bookmarks (plus the above swag). The bookmarks are strung with bead on either end so they dangle outside the book. One end has a dagger with roses, and the other has a leaf.

One Custom Made 500 piece Puzzle of the Book's Cover (plus a bookmark and a swag).

As soon as this Raffle ends, I will hold another one with more prizes. Winning in this drawing doesn't keep you from winning in the second, so don't let that stop you from entering now!

Additionally there will be a pre-order giveaway in May (proof of purchase will be needed).

***Note on the Facebook entry, you have to scroll down a little to get the button to click to say you visited the site.

Thank you for all you support!

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