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First Starred Review!

So trade reviews are a big deal. The primary ones are Kirkus, Publisher's Weekly, Booklist, and Library Journal. There's an article explaining them here from 2003, but things haven't really changed all that much. There are a few other review sources that use the same format (brief summary, a couple sentences on the quality), but those four are the big ones. Getting a coveted "Starred Review" from any of them will make an author smile for weeks.


(you probably guessed that from the title)

This is what Publisher's Weekly had to say:

Beaty’s engrossing debut introduces 16-year-old Sage Fowler, who is sent to apprentice with a matchmaker, Darnessa Rodelle, after her Uncle William declares her unmatchable. Sage is initially livid about this turn of events, but she realizes that the apprenticeship might be her ticket to freedom. Soon, Mistress Rodelle, Sage, and a bevy of brides-to-be set off on a monthlong journey to the capital city of Tennegol, where the girls hope to be matched, with Capt. Alexander Quinn and his soldiers as escorts. When a plot to overthrow the king is discovered, Quinn seeks to use Sage as a spy. The frippery of matchmaking provides an enticing counter to the treachery; Sage is outspoken, smart, and determined to make her own way, though all bets are off after she meets the intriguing Ash Carter. This is an action-packed, expertly plotted story, drenched in double crosses and intrigue, with an irresistible heroine and a sweet and sexy romance. A late-breaking twist gives way to a final act that will leave readers eager for subsequent books in this planned trilogy.

Ages 14–up. Agent: Valerie Noble, Donaghy Literary. (May)

You can go to the Publisher's Weekly Site and see it for yourself. I may have looked at it every hour on the hour for the past five days.


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