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Talko Tuesday: Fierce Reads Spring Tour

So here's something I've been sitting on for a while. My release date was moved up to May 9th to coordinate with the Fierce Reads Spring Tour.

I am GOING ON TOUR. As a debut author.

I wouldn't really believe it either, except, well... My face is on a poster.

Otherwise I've been lying low. Life has been super chaotic for the last couple months, and all the writing insanity is layered on top of that. My social media usage has dropped 95% since the end of October, and frankly, I don't miss it, especially considering all the election stuff. Every time I do get on, it usually takes about 5 posts for me to remember why I've been avoiding it.

On the plus side, I've managed to read some really good books. Haven't had as much time to review them, but I'm hoping to remedy that over the next few weeks while I wait for the revision notes on Book 2. I think the goal is to have all the major edits done by the end of April because it would be kind of stressful to be on a deadline while I'm on tour. Yeah, that time should be reserved for worrying about the plot of Book 3.

Actually, it's worth mentioning that I've got pass pages for Book 1, which is basically my last chance to change things before the book is printed. Will be mostly minor items, except some of the foreign publishers came back with some things they want me to add/clarify.

I guess I should pause here and mention that rights to translate the trilogy have been sold in several foreign countries. 2016 may have been a sucky year for the nation, but it's been mind-blowingly awesome for me.

Anyway, on those pass pages, don't tell my editor, but I got them over 10 days ago, and I haven't even opened up the pdf document yet. THAT'S how crazy busy I've been. Fortunately, the publishing world shuts down for the last half of December and I will get it all done no problem by January when everyone returns to work.

One of the things I did this month was visit the team at Imprint Macmillan for a few quick hours. I still can't get over how much other people love my book and joyfully spend time and effort to make it a success. Until then I'd only heard it over email and a couple phone calls. In person it's entirely different. I felt like Sally Fields: Oh my gosh, you like me! You really, really like me!

I wuz here.

Oh yeah. I also dyed my hair red. My husband obligingly fixed my author pic.

And I've seen Rogue One twice. Priorities.

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