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Talko Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

News of the week is that I will be teaching classes at The Muse this fall, which means my classes this summer couldn't have gone too badly, right? When and what are still TBD.

In publishing progress, I've been asked to write letters to a few authors requesting blurbs for the cover of my book. A few weeks ago I provided a list of "dream authors" to give the editors a starting point for determining whom to approach. Well, they've made their decisions, and I'm left writing letters begging for said endorsement from legendary and/or best-selling authors.

No pressure.

And no hints either, because who knows whether they will or not. Suffice to say every author does this, and being rejected in the plea has as much to do with the authors' schedule and general review policy as anything else. I'm just stoked to basically write fan mail which will actually be read.

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